Entry #3

Data-Stream Tribus

2014-01-14 01:37:44 by matdig

Being sick sucks. Anyways... Hello all, apologies for the delay! Now that the new year is upon us, I have resolved to upload an animation every month, even if it is just a quick short. I mentioned a group collab that I was a part of this past semester in one of my earlier news feeds. That will be uploaded shortly. And, as promised, here is a photo.


When Worlds Collide


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2014-01-14 04:06:54

Animation every month? Keep me updated on em dude! I should get back to animating too in my spare time, but it's so tedious. :(

matdig responds:

I will absolutely keep you updated. My intention is that most of them will be practice shorts while the semester is on. Then over the summer maybe I can do a bigger project.